Announcing our newest Platypus, Mike Romano on hammered dulcimer! For a preview of the "Dulcimer Mike" sound, go to http://dulcimermike.wix.com/dulcimermike  (Rhythm guitarist Michael Southerton has left the band to pursue fame with Song Dogs. Time for a new photo!)

Recording of next Sylvia Platypus  EP in progress!


If Edith Piaf partied with the Yardbirds on a windswept moor, the result might sound something like Sylvia Platypus. Sylvia Platypus is Philadelphia's (and possibly the world's) only psycho-celtic glam-blues band. Take the distinctive vocals and unusual poetic sensibility of Janet Bressler, add the soul-searing lead guitar work of Bill Barone (formerly of the 1970's era German progressive rock band Wallenstein), the eclectic guitar stylings of Michael Southerton, the solid rhythmic foundation of Ruchama Bilenky (bass) and Rosalba Gallo (drums) and throw in some wailing highland and uilleann piping from Charlie Rutan ("the Eddie Van Halen of bagpipes"*) and you have an original sonic signature that rattles the cage of "genre".

The EP, 'Sylvia Platypus' is available  at cdbaby, amazon.com and on iTunes.


Sylvia Platypus is featured on Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast:  www.celticmusicpodcast.com